Paul Charging the Timid Timothy

                1 Timothy  (A Youthful Minister)

The author of this letter is Paul, as stated in the salutation (1:1). 
This  is a personal "Charge to the Timid Timothy"

There is good evidence in the writing, itself, that  supports Paul being the author; especially the way he greets the receiver in his letters, and the close relationship between Paul and Timothy. One supporting source is  from Theophilus of Antioch, a document dating back to 180 A.D
. confirming Paul as the author [much more evidence exists].
Paul's letter was written to Timothy, Paul's  "true son in faith"  (1:2,18). We first learn about Timothy in (Act 16:1-3),  where we discover that his mother was Jewish and his father a Greek
. In  1 Timothy Paul desired that the disciple travel with him and therefore  Paul circumcised his new companion to fit in with the Jews they were going to preach among.

This began a long relationship, working for the Lord, and Timothy treating Paul as he would his father (Ph 2:19-24). This meant traveling with Paul, yet, often remaining with new  congregations when Paul had to leave suddenly (Ac 17:13-14).  Like Paul, Timothy would also return  to encourage the congregations (1 Th 3:1-3).

Timothy had the honor to sit with Paul as he wrote several epistles,  and from these epistles we learn that Timothy had been with Paul during  his imprisonment in Rome
. Timothy's faithfulness in his service gives us an idea why Paul would leave him in Ephesus (1:3).

Many people believe that Paul may have written 1 Timothy after his long stay at Ephesus and  departure for Macedonia on his third missionary journey (Ac 19:1-41). This   would make 1 Timothy written around AD 53-67 (The NIV Study Bible, 1835).

Others  believe that Paul wrote this epistle from Macedonia, following  his first  imprisonment in Rome (Ac 28:16). Paul was released and  allowed to travel  for several years before being arrested again and finally put to death by Nero
. If 1st Timothy were indeed written  during this period, the date would be around 63-64 AD

The purpose of this  epistle was because Timothy stayed behind in Ephesus with a great  responsibility
: he was there to protect the community from false teachers  and spread the correct word to the town. It was hard to keep this  responsibility because of his youth and he was naturally shy and timid   (4:11-12). This letter is addressed to Timothy, it is full of the responsibility of working with a congregation and guiding them in the right way. Everything  that was written was to help to direct the congregation in doctrine and in conduct.

In the first chapter Paul begins by urging his "true son in the faith" to remain in Ephesus and tell the people not to teach false doctrines, or to believe in them, because they ruin  your belief in   the faith. The goal of this chapter is love from a pure heart, a good  conscience, and a sincere faith, from which some of the people of Ephesus  had strayed, because of the false teachers of the law. While the law  is good when used properly, it is not designed for the righteous person,  but for those whose actions are against the Law,  according to the doctrine, which is  according to the gospel, committed to Paul's trust (1:1-11). Paul speaks  of thanksgiving and praise to Christ for counting him faithful and  allowing him to be part of spreading the word of God. He is even more thankful  when he remembers that he used to

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This meant traveling with Paul, yet, remaining with the new  congrega-


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