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be against the word until he found God,  and God even forgave him for persecuting the believers. Paul knew that Jesus came into the world to save sinners, and Paul admitted, himself, he was a great sinner.

Paul shows an example of Jesus' longsuffering life to those who believe in   him and in everlasting life (1:12-17). Paul then charges Timothy to carry out   his responsibility to keep what Paul preached concerning Jesus. The charge is to have faith and a good conscience.

In chapter two  Paul is once again encouraged to stay in Ephesus and spread the good word and battle the blasphemy. Paul now introduces to Timothy the matters that are of concern to the church. He begins with a prayer, where he tells who we  should pray for and the reasons why we should pray for them. His thought is that men should pray
everywhere they are, lifting up their prayers  without doubting (2:1-8).
Women are to conduct themselves properly according  to Paul. This means apparel worn with modesty and moderation, but it also includes good works, as it is proper for women professing godliness. Also MARRIED women  should learn their faith in silence with all respect for their husband (See the COMING Article
: "Women in The Church"). He based  this restriction in the relationship of Adam and Eve and that the man came  before the woman. Paul reminds the women about childbearing and that they should continue in faith, love, and holiness with self-control (2:9-15).

In chapter three we find the qualifications necessary for those who would like to serve as bishops in the local churches (3:1-7). Paul  then explains the purpose of writing this epistle. Even though Paul hopes to come soon, he writes to Timothy so that Timothy will be able to  conduct himself in the church as the leader in the truth (3:14-15). Paul  also brings up the "great mystery of God" that he was manifested  in the flesh, also known as
the coming of Jesus (3:16).
Chapter four  begins with describing how the spirit will be revealed in times when many  people are straying from faith. This
falling away would come about as  people gave in to false teachings.

Paul also makes it clear that all foods are acceptable
if they are received with  thanksgiving, because The Lord said to Paul in a vision that they are all right to consume (4:1-5). In the last half of this chapter we find Paul instructing Timothy how to become a good Minister of Jesus Christ by instructing the brethren in matters pertaining to doctrine. Timothy should be careful to avoid foolish fables, rather exercise himself to godliness (4:6-10). Though Timothy is young he shouldn't let anyone despise him for   that. Instead he must demonstrate the proper example of how a believer  should speak and live. Paul assures Timothy that if he follows these instructions his progress will show, and that he will save himself and  those he brings to Salvation In Christ Jesus (4:11-16). This chapter describes the church and its various members.

Chapter five begins with all the Church [members] in  general, urging all to consider other members as family (5:1-2)
The next, major section is devoted to the widows of the church, urging the honor of "widows  indeed" (5:3); that is, TRUE Widows. Younger widows are expected to remarry and have children,  while widows with children and grandchildren are to be supported by their own family rather than burden the church (5:3-16).

Several remarks are  made regarding elders.  Elders  are worthy of  honor, especially those spreading the word. Accusations  against an elder are not to be taken seriously unless there are two or  three witnesses. Those elders who are sinning need to be publicly forgiven  so they are free of fear (5:17-20).

The final chapter begins with instructions concerning servants and their duties toward their masters,  especially toward those masters who believe (6:1-2). A descrip

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